I’m not really the first person to state that I absolutely love nature. Despite this, my feelings towards nature and greenery definitely has changed over the years (it’s been a process). After many trips to the mountains of Honduras the past three years, I always find myself missing that part of me. I only get to travel to Honduras two weeks out of a year. Only two weeks I have to spend the most precious time of my life here on Earth, so I try to make it count the most I can. I have now fallen in love with the wilderness of Honduras due to the fact that it gives peace. 

This is something I never realized growing up. I was always pushed to be a nature guy, due to my dad’s side of the family basically being campers from birth. I never really was into the whole camping scene, although I probably should’ve been more thankful for it. I always went spitefully, never really wanting to be so secluded. My heart never realized how precious seclusion was. With only one year until my teenage years on this planet are over, I’ve come to realize the joy doesn’t always appear in the huge moments; they are revealed in the small things of life. It’s never been about the huge trips to cities I’ve drooled over for years, but it’s the family conversations over dinner that you got to eat on Sunset Blvd, just to watch the sun go down passed the giant palm trees. It’s the waves that come over your feet at moonlight on the beach in Jacksonville. It’s that moment you thought you were going to die of sweat on your first ever 3 hour hike up Flower Mountain, then taking that glance to the side and seeing the glory of God reveal itself. 

So what does this all has to do with my plants? I’ve fallen in love with the thought that I can light my room up just with one plant. That ONE plant can remind me of that hike in the mountains, or that time I was able to visit Ava in La Lima to see her life light up for Jesus, or even that time Soyapa had us over for coffee and bread. I can see all the greenery and take myself back to the moment I realized how beautiful it is to walk the will of Jesus. New sprouts remind me of the time I got to see the Santos’s coffee fields. I like to think of plants as God’s very own way of reminding me that my creativity will only break boundaries if I follow Him, not the creativity in itself.

An artist is only as good as what he is inspired by, my inspiration is Jesus. Although I get distracted very easily by something I think would be cool, is it really authentic if Jesus is not the center of it? Is creativity relevant without God? No, it absolutely isn’t. Man’s mind alone is never enough. The world is always searching. Time and time again, I hear circular reasoning. Over and over, I see people just follow whatever the media states or whatever someone they love tells them. Without Christ, our world is just floating in the breeze. With Christ, we have a solid foundation. Real artistry comes from the reliance of Christ and the dying of self. This is why I aspire to be this way. To rest in what is happening and knowing that it’s all purposefully is the goal. That goal is never accomplishable by myself. Again, full reliance on Christ is the answer.

All this from some plants. Crazy how Jesus can speak to you / through you when you open up your heart to Him. My life’s purpose is to encourage people to first follow Jesus with all they’ve got, and secondly chase after the passions that Jesus is putting over their lives. 

Romans 10:14-15: Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News.


About 2 weeks ago, I had the spontaneous idea to order 25 shirts with a design I created on them. These shirts had a bigger purpose than to sell though, it was what they were being sold for. I go to Honduras every summer, this means $1600 I have to raise to go and serve the people. Though expensive, it’s incredibly worth it. I have always believed in working hard to get to the place you’re going to work at. So, this year I set out to design a shirt that would have a story behind it. I drew a quick sketch of a hand for one of my art classes & fell in love with the drawing. I took the drawing and put it in photoshop to make the following. The shirts came out nicely, and I’m selling them for $25 each. Excited to see a product of something I made from scratch that has such a close meaning to my heart.


Got my first tattoo yesterday. It reads “You split the sea so I could walk right through it.” This is a verse from one of my favorite worship songs called No Longer Slaves. This line reflects God’s constant reminder in my life that through any struggle, His power will make a way. If He can split the actual sea for the Israelites to walk through, surely He can split the seas of the storms coming my way. I am excited to have this reminder for the rest of my life / journey with Christ in this world.

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